Coaching for Product People

Hi! 👋 If you landed here, you must be interested in getting support for your Product Management career or your career in the Tech industry!

  • Do you want to switch roles and become a Product Manager?

  • Do you want to level-up in your product career and become a Product Leader?

  • Are you a Product Leader looking to understand how best to support, grow, and motivate your team?

  • Are you a Woman in Tech looking to gain more confidence, influence, and growth?

  • Or do you have a specific problem that you want to tackle and are looking for guidance on how you might solve them?

I’ve been there. These were the same needs I’ve had throughout the years of my career as a Product Manager, figuring out my life in the tech industry. I’ve tried navigating them alone by reading all the books, watching all the videos, following all the tweets - but progress was slow and the journey was hard. The result? My confidence was shot and my day to day work life was impacted. And it took years for me to realize that it didn’t have to be that way.

It doesn’t have to be the same for you.

So here we are. I would be very excited to give you the support you need to navigate your journey in Product Management or as a Woman in Tech and make sure that you thrive in it.

As a Product Leader with 10+ years of experience building products from different industry and mentoring and coaching Product Managers, Designers, Engineers, and other functioanl experts with different experience levels - I’ve got you!

So whether you want to:

💥 Build your leadership an people management toolkit to help prepare you for your next step as a Product or Functional Leader

💥 Learn important product development frameworks and when to use them to help you make confident decisions about your product

💥 Learn how to use the power of story telling to build credibility, manage stakeholders, and influence decisions

💥 Strengthen your personal brand as an expert in your role and attract the right opportunities that match your career goals

💥 Learn different techniques to combat impostor syndrome, influence decisions, and continuously advocate for your personal and professional well-being

We will work together to find the right solution that utilizes your strengths, prioritizes your values, and stretches your muscles!

Curious to know more? Book a free discovery call with me and let’s see what we can accomplish together. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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