There will be something to read soon, I promise!

Apart from this first post, of course.

Hello! 👋My name is Kax and there’s a person growing out of my head.

But more importantly -

I like to talk about the highs and lows about building products, working with a cross functional team, and navigating complex workplace collaboration.

I also like to talk about what it’s like to:

  • Figure out how to develop one’s career

  • Making opportunities for one’s self

  • Starting a company when you have 0 idea where and how to even begin

And everything that falls under the umbrella of

How to be the next Oprah?

Or even Gwyneth. But less woo-woo.

I hope you learn something. From the many mistakes I’ve made. And from the a-ha moments too.

I also hope you feel that you’re not alone. In case you’re going through the same highs. And the same lows.

But most importantly, I hope you like to read. Because I like to use a lot of words. And I’m bad at editing. 🤷‍♀️

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You probably can tell, I really like my name.